Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Thrown for a loop

Just coping with lots of emotional baggage right now and it has completely thrown me off my nesting groove. I am currently sporting the "bitten to the quick" fingernail look and if I got any sleep last night I'd be really surprised. Of course, I was planning on taking Michael out to the park to see K and Z this morning but I ended up unable to move off the couch for most of the morning. At the ripe hour of 1pm, I'm just now starting to feel human and ready to tackle the decluttering in our bedroom, which needs to be done - desperately. S is bringing over a whole slew of baby things tomorrow morning and I'm hoping to get a bunch of stuff over to Good Will so it's out of my house.

In knitting news, all of my gnomey hats are done but the one I washed for my swap package still isn't dried yet so it's going to have to wait for tomorrow which will make it an even 20 days late. I am so embarrassed but at least my partner is domestic at she'll have it by the weekend. I am planning on getting out of the house tonight for my knitting circle, especially since it will probably be the last one I'll attend for a bit. Lets hope the Bean is happy to sleep on mama so she can go out an knit once a week.

Off to get dressed and walk to the corner store for lunch.

Here's the swap package (still drying and awaiting buttons)...