Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's been doing

I finally broke radio silence and called two of my girlfriends today. J actually got a care for the car share so we could go to our knitting circle tonight and it was wonderful - it's been weeks since I've left the house just for me and I so needed it considering it won't be happening again in the near future what with the newborn and all.

On the cleaning front - things are moving s-l-o-w-l-y. John has decided that I am to lay in bed tonight while he starts tackling the clothes-a-lanche in our room and I tell him what pile to put things into. We have to get this done so we can set up the cradle and the Bean will have a place to sleep since our bed really isn't big enough for cosleeping and I don't want to give Michael any ideas because he is just impossible to cosleep with.

On the cooking front, things are going much better. I made up a big batch of macaroni and cheese yesterday. It's not the best, but nothing a decent amount of Frank's Red Hot Sauce won't fix. Today I made 4 quarts of chicken broth and a big pan of ham and asparagus risotto. All that's left for today is to pick the chicken. Tomorrow I'll make soup and chicken enchiladas. Thursday will be meatloaf and grilled sausages with beef and Guinness on the menu for Friday. Last but not least, I'll get the jambalaya done on Saturday. I still wanted to make some sort of chicken stew in there as well, but I won't be too put out if it doesn't get done.

S is taking me out to Wholefoods in the morning so I can get my probiotics and Emergen-C so I can start bulking up on things before Monday and my sister is going to take me to Trader Joe's on Friday so we can stock the pantry with snacks and convenience foods fr lunches and such (I always forget to plan for food for myself).

In knitting news, I finished the Silky Sock Baby Socks with the toe-up gusset/rounded heel/short-row heel flap and all that's left is for them to be washed, blocked and sent on their way. I just cast-on for another pair of baby socks with some of the leftover Austermann Step. I'll take my leave to go and knit for a bit before I have to start picking chicken.

'Night all!