Monday, February 13, 2006

I should be sleeping

Well, what else is new?

I'm definitely well again. I got to take a nap this morning/afternoon and that seems to have done the trick. Of course, Michael seemed his usual, happy self all day - until he threw up on my side of the bed. Between that and the 12 inches of snow we got last night, it looks like I'm going to be grounded for the next few days. Last year, he was still small enough (if you call 22 lbs small) for me to wear him when we had to/wanted to get out for a bit after a snow. Thirty-one pounds is a different ball game. Since the tread is all gone on my big stroller, I may actually have to come up with some sort of tire chains for it if I want to get out.

I did get some yarn dyed tonight - some more self striping but this time in merino rather than the Fisherman's wool. It wasn't nearly as messy as the last time, but I still have to work on the method.

Got some good validation as well - each board member of my mothers group was asked to send in a task list of sorts. The person who will be taking over my responsibilities replied, "HOLY SMOKES!!! What did I agree to?"