Friday, February 17, 2006

Sunny, windy day

I am feeling better this morning, things never look as bad in the sunlight as they do at 3am. I also want to assure you (read: John) that I would never initiate a pregnancy in such an underhanded fashion - deceit is no way to begin a life.

Michael was in a very good mood this morning - despite being left to fuss in the crib until I could drag my but out of bed and the funk that I so wanted to continue to indulge. That's probably the best and hardest part of being a parent. The necessity to take care of this precious miracle is the antithesis of sulking. That's not to say that there aren't times when Sesame Street is playing a more active role in taking care of my child than I am because I just can't get my ass in gear, but when compared to the funks I used to have/indulge in pre-baby, it's nothing.

Diaper laundry becons, as does a search for knitting software. I bought a set of double-pointed needles yesterday to use with the longies I'm working on and I'm definitely seeing greater speed with them over using two circulars. I've finished one leg to just before the ribbing and I'm praying that I have enough to do the other leg. I'll probably just dye another hank of yarn to do the cuffs. I'ma also almost done the bufalo yarn scarf - the mix-up in the stitching was just a loop I hadn't dropped from the previous row. I also knitted up a swatch of the felted merino. It looks super thick (on size 6 needles) and I'm planning on doing some diaper wraps with it. Between that and the fitteds that I'm planning on making with my new sewing machine (YAY!), we won't have an excuse to not use cloth when we're out and about - prefolds and vinyl pants do not make for easy diaper changes. I've also decided that I'm going to turn my too big jeans into a pouch for Michael - the Sutemi gear is great, but bulky and the time I don't bring it with me is the time that I actually need it.

Yesterday we were out in town with my girlfriends and it was so nice - I didn't realize how much I missed hanging out with them. We got lunch, went to a yarn shop and then hung out with the kids. I'm so happy that I have this now.

Housework calls...