Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Little freak-out

John called me a few hours ago saying that the library in the town he grew up in had an opening listed for a children's librarian. It was listed some time in January and he was doubtful that it was still available, but I told him it didn't hurt to call and see. It is still available, but they couldn't guarantee him an interview, so tonight I'll be working on his resume and cover letter.

He doesn't have any specifics on the job. Say what you want about Philly government, the librarians here are at least well-paid (decently) and they have some of the best health-care coverage in all the city unions. The suburban Pennsylvania libraries seem to pay less and their benefits are less than desireable. I may be working myself up all for nothing - they could be offering a pittiful starting salary with crappy HMO coverage, something we couldn't take no matter how attractive the position seems. We would also have to find out how good Montgomery County's EI services are for Michael.

This is John's dream job - a children's librarian in a nice suburban town. He worked at this library all through high school. He has a whole host of friends that live in the area as well as his father (not a huge selling point, that). It's also located in the single most unaccessable part of Montgomery County from a driving perspective - there is no direct highway access. It's away from my friends and family.

Let's wait and see what happens - Lord knows I have enough trouble without trying to borrow more.

Just checked, the max salary on the job listing is only 36K, which is not enough for us to live on by any stretch of the imagination. We'll still go through with the application, but I don't think it's going to pan out.