Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bulleted Rant

  • Damned bank - thought there was $40 there but find out this morning there is only ten.
  • People who cancel their life insurance because it's a waste of money - tell that to my MIL who's going more than a bit crazy trying to keep things together right now
  • Insomnia - woke up at 3am, started worrying about MIL, didn't start to doze off until 6

Things I can be thankful for
  • John gets paid tomorrow - no more nickel & diming (until the end of September that is)
  • S - who is dropping off the $$ so I can go and see my therapist tonight
  • K who will fight with me about buying coffee
  • My change jar which will provide the funds if I win the fight with K over the coffee
  • Michael who is a constant Joy, even when he's getting on my last nerve which isn't any-one's fault.
  • The Bean, who even now likes to remind me of his/her presence with a swift kick to my bladder, making me take the minute to reflect on how blessed I am to be carrying him/her
  • This