Thursday, September 27, 2007


I just checked the wait list and there are only 106 people ahead of me in line for Ravelry. One more thing with which to avoid doing what needs doing.

One great big huge ETA

I'm on!!!!!!

For those who have no idea what this is - it's going to become my new crack. Seriously, I found out I was on and spent an hour playing with it - only got up 'cause my stomach was growling audibly. Came up to go to bed at 10 and am just now (11) tearing myself away from the computer. It's essentially an on-line knitter's notebook - one that I get to share with a whole bunch of other knitters in one handy-dandy spot - patterns and stash galore. Oh how dangerous this is going to be. Actually, once I get my act together, it will be yet another place I can showcase some of my original designs and hopefully sell some of them (once they get written that is).

I have to go to sleep now - 'night all!

I have to go to sleep now.