Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Fine Kettle of Fish

Looks like I will be making the 20 block trek to take Michael to school for at least another week. I love the teachers and the therapists at his school, the administration leaves more than a bit to be desired. Three weeks ago I was told by his teacher that we needed to bring them to school ourselves on the first day and that the parents would be staying with the kids. I arrived there on Friday with Michael only to find out that they sent letters saying the kids would be bussed that day and to be looked at like I had three heads when I asked about staying. Since I only had one token (I was expecting to walk to John's work and then into town where I could buy more for the trip home), I ended up having to spend $6 in addition to the tokens I bough for the trip home. After I cooled down a bit from the screw-up, I called the school to make sure the bus wasn't waiting to take him home that day (I was way too mad to do this in person at the time). The school's secretary thanked me for letting her know, apologised for the mix-up, and verified my address on the list she was making up for the bus company.

All seemed to be well.

Monday morning we all sat on the front steps waiting for the bus.

I called at 8.15 and was told the bus was coming, it was the first day and it would likely be a little wonky for the first week or so until all the kinks were worked out. I could accept this. I didn't like it and thought it was highly unprofessional, but I could accept it.

I called again at 8.50 and spoke to the program director. I was told that both of the buses had been and gone. Why wasn't Michael picked up? I mentioned that I spoke with the secretary on Friday and was told that she was preparing the list for the bus company. The director told me that any changes to the busing list take 5-7 day to implement. I told her no, he's been on that list since the beginning of August and in fact I signed the paperwork for busing back in May. No real response back from them. I said my husband was now late for work, I was late for a doctor's appointment and there was no way I could get Michael over there that day and get done what I needed to do. On top of all of this I am 20 weeks pregnant - I had really counted on being able to get my adjustment and enjoy that post-adjustment bliss with the newspaper and a cup of coffee. It took all of my strength not to scream at this woman. It did all work out well in the end. I took Michael to my chiro appointment and he did very well and by some miracle my blood pressure had returned to almost normal by the time I had my OB appointment that afternoon.

I just got off the phone with the school again. They do not know when Michael will be on the list - probably not until the end of next week. They seem to be leaning towards this being the bus company's fault, but I'm sure they are not without blame. I did get my jab in that I live 20 blocks away from the school and it costs me 4 tokens to get Michael there and to go up to John's library while he's in school since it makes no sense for me to come all the way home to only have to leave again in an hour to go pick him up (the secretary was very contrite about this). Instead of all of this wonderful free-time, going a little crazy missing him in my empty house, getting much needed work done, and spending a little one-on-one time with my husband, I doing exactly what I was doing all summer, except now three times a week.

I really could just spit and it's taking all of my strength not to load this up with tons of expletives. Frankly, what I really feel like doing is crying. Why the hell does it have to be so hard and who in God's name has it in for me?


Just so this doesn't sound like a complete pity party on my account (oh woe, I don't get my free time), I was just reminded of the other part of the equation. The week leading up to the first day of school, all I did was talk up how mommy was going to bring him to school and stay with him to Michael. We've also been talking up the yellow school bus he's going to take to school as well. Thank God he's been accepting of all of these changes. My own issues aside, the situations in this house for the past several weeks have really put him through the wringer - we've asked so much from him and exposed him to so many scary emotions it's a wonder we haven't seen more problems than the bit of pacifier regression that's surfaced. I need for us to have the routine that school provides to help him and me regain our footing and this is not helping either of us.