Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not at my best

My patience has been missing these past few days and it becomes very evident in the late afternoon and evening. Michael is still working his way through the cold and par for the course it's settled in his chest with that good (but awful sounding) juicy cough. The second half of his day is filled with whining and multiple meltdowns/tantrums. His sibling-to-be feels like he's in a full lotus position in my pelvis - super low and lots of oh so lovely pubic bone pain. The Bean also spends long stretches kicking various internal organs (my bladder and cervix are his apparent favorites). I do not remember Michael being this active in utero - the Bean starts when I get up in the morning and doesn't stop - even when I wake in the night he's moving around. All of these things added up together do not a peaceful house make. I'm raising my voice way too much which just increases the whining and meltdowns which puts me more on edge, ad infinitum. I just put him down for sleep and from the sound of it he's fallen asleep right away so I have that going for me.

I'm hoping the return of more seasonable weather tomorrow will improve things and maybe some stuff from Spinning Babies will encourage the Bean into a more comfortable position - if anything the pelvic rocks should help with the pubic pain.

Oh, and good thing to know -- I can use water in place of half the milk in my favorite buttermilk pancake recipe. There's nothing quite like mixing everything together and thinking, "Gosh, this looks awfully thick," and then realizing the the recipe you were going from by memory in fact requires two cups of milk all to the background of your three year-old singing the pancake song (which is, unsurprisingly the word "pancake" repeated over and over again, with jaunts into the falsetto every once in a while for added emphasis). John is due home any moment and I am making myself a chai milkshake when he walks in the door.

'night all!