Monday, September 24, 2007

Let the Nesting Begin

I transfered a whole bunch of music to the laptop and got to work in the kitchen this afternoon. The stovetop and counters are clean thanks to some Dr. Bronner's and some baking soda. I've never used castille soap for kitchen cleaning before and while it did work, I think I'm going to explore some other options. One thing I do really like is the peppermint smell, so my next cleaning solution (probably water and vinegar) will probably have some peppermint oil and a dash of eucaluptus oil since they are some of my favorite scents. If anyone has other suggestions, please share - I want something I can keep in a spray bottle for quick clean-ups.

I'm taking a bit of a break right now and gracing you with my prescence here since MDC is down. After my break, I'm going to wade back in and stack the dishwasher and dedicate one of the empty waste-paper baskets in the corner of the kitchen for recyclables. We do recycle here but I have no dedicated receptacle in-doors and thus have glass jars stashed all over the kitchen. Doing this should easily add at least a dozen things to my September decluttering goal.

I have to dash since there is a rather disgusting piece on the TV right now about "too posh to push" which infuriates me. TTFN!

ETA - I couldn't find the remote and ended up having to listen to the entire piece. The next segment is almost as disgusting as the previous one. The info they are giving is very good - it's just the format kind of disgusts me, but that's what I get for watching Discovery Health.