Thursday, October 04, 2007

Becoming a Non-Combatant...

in the Battle of Wills.

This morning I told Michael that we were going to walk up and get some coffee then go to the park for a bit. I finally got myself dressed and him completely undressed when he decided he'd much rather make silly noises and run around the living room naked. My back went immediately up and I started to try and harangue him into getting dressed which resulted in more silly noises and those coy "I'm not listening to you," smiles. I asked him several times to get dressed, telling him we needed to if he wanted to go for coffee and the park and finally just gave up. He was happy running around the living room naked, we didn't "need" to go anywhere, and I could get some knitting done. Granted, I'll have to put off my want for coffee and a walk until this evening, but getting us out of the house would have caused so much more negative energy. My only wish is that I could step back and do this more often, but I do the best I can.

In knitting news, I turned the heel on the first Step Sock and am half-done the cuff ribbing. Michael's messenger bag is progressing - I'm almost done all the knitting so I should be able to get it felted on Saturday. I picked up some finishing work for pay that I'm going to start playing with tomorrow so I can get it knocked out over the weekend (and most importantly get paid). This morning I've been working on the Bean's longies - I'm about half-done the body.