Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Down with SPD?

...yeah, you know me.

The Bean seems to have decided he likes sitting in my pelvis. My already damaged joints on the other hand do not concur. It's amazing how much pressure a 12" long one pound baby can put on your pubic symphysis. I'm starting to do pelvic rocks and tilts more regularly to encourage him to turn vertex because if this is what it feels like with a one pound baby, I don't even want imagine an eight plus pound baby.

Of course this occurs right when my body is starting to actually hold my chiro adjustments. My chiropractor was amazed at how much my pelvis was out of alignment yesterday since I have been doing so well. While he works on pregnant women, he doesn't actually do Webster. His wife who does acupuncture has a technique for turning babies so if the spinning babies stuff doesn't work, I'll check her out.

After all that complaining, it still isn't a patch on what I went through with Michael. It hurts to move my legs independently, but I can still do it. I think I'm going to try sleeping with the body pillow tonight and see if that helps things.

Turn, baby, turn!