Sunday, October 07, 2007

Just wandering about

I did finally make myself get out of the house yesterday afternoon and it was wonderful - three hours listening to the I-pod with the music cranked up and some knitting for myself. I felt so relaxed afterwards and have made yet another pledge to do this weekly since my need for alone time is very high right now. Last night the bean moved up out of my pelvis for a couple of hours - I didn't notice until I walked to the drug store last night and realized that there was no pain. Of course, he's settled back into his favorite spot, but I'm hoping I can get him to shift again. Last night we also scored a recliner. One of my neighbors down the street is moving and they were throwing theirs out. I manhandled it up the block to our house and John and I managed to get it in (after several false starts). I always swore we would never have one, but the thought of dozing in it is very tantalizing and it was free so I can't complain too much.

I have to get myself and Michael dressed so we can hit BJ's and Shoprite for groceries. TTFN!