Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crafts Update

Much sock knitting has been happening (as well as much frogging and gnashing of teeth). Here's what's doing - the Green Scaly Socks will be getting their own post.

Socks by Numbers


I'm testing out my Socks by Numbers pattern on Michael with some Regia I picked up last week at Tangled Web. I was a little too conservative in my numbers and while the socks fit, they *just* fit, so I'm going to re-work things a bit and start over. I'm hoping to get them done by the end of the weekend.

Step Socks

Now I just have to get the second one done.

Felted Messenger Bag
I finally did the finishing work on this today and it has been felted. Once it dries, I'll be lining it with some denim salvaged from an old skirt and some webbing for a shoulder strap. Here are the before pics:
Messenger Bag, Unfelted - Open

Messenger Bag, Unfelted - Closed

Mystery Projects
Wouldn't you like to know. There are many and they are progressing nicely.

Snazzy Pants Longies
Just one leg left to go...

Once I get the socks out of my system, I'm going to plow through my WIP's to upgrade them to FO status - not something for the faint of heart.