Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thou shall not piss off the pregnant woman

For she will write letters full of vitriol and cc everyone she can think of.

Michael has missed school twice this week because the bus hasn't shown up and I've been under the weather enough that taking Septa to drop him off at school is pretty much out of the question. John is calling the program director this afternoon and hopefully something will actually get done. I can appreciate the fact that the school has no control over the bus company, but the fact that no one calls to let us know what the hell is going on and the only way we get the piddly amount of information we do have on the situation is because we call repeatedly is ludicrous. We called three times this morning, the first two we were told that the bus was on it's way, the third time we were told that the bus had been and gone to the school. Why on earth did I have to call the school myself to find out this information after waiting for an extra 30 minutes outside for a bus that wasn't coming?

Preschool is one thing - the fact that Michael has missed two days of therapy this week because of screw-ups is unacceptable. Either fix the f&*(ing problem, or let me know it can't be fixed so I can make other arrangements.