Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finding my limits

It always amazes me that they now just how far to push.

After not a few tears Wednesday night, things definitely started to get better. Thursday morning, John and I went into town for a big breakfast at the Marathon Grill and a quick stop at Borders (where I bought yet another volume of Fullmetal Alchemist - I won't say how many that makes in the past week and a half). We got home and had some nice time with Michael and the my sister M came over to watch the boys while John and I headed out for our first date since November. We went to University City for Truth, Justice, and the most American American there is - Stephen Colbert. It was really cool - I've never been to the taping of a TV show before and we got surprise after surprise - first was Hillary Clinton, then John Edwards, and to top it off - Barrack Obama. After the taping (which ran extra long due to the guests), we went over to Chili's and inhaled some drinks and appetisers and then came home.

Friday was an equally good day - Michael had his moments, but there are always going to be moments and he does try so hard. I made my 2-3 mile walk into town with the boys for the first time in at least six months - a good mile of that was while wearing baby too. Much thanks to K who has been showing me how to wear the sling so it doesn't kill my back and yay me that it finally sank in.

I'm off to whip some cream - angel food cake and strawberries beckon.

Oh and before I forget - Alex has taken to sleeping for 8 hour stretches the past two nights. Here's hoping it's not a complete fluke.