Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So, what's up Doc?

Here's a bit of an update on things - not a new read for som but considering it was written at 3am one handed it'll have to do...

I'm a bit touched out today - Alex needed to be worn most of the day and we had a scream fest tonight as I was putting him down to bed. Lost my cool a bit during the first bout of screaming and slammed a door which prompted Michael to ask my husband if mommy was ok :(. He's been spitting *a lot* today and I'm thinking I need to get his Zantac dosage increased since he's wanting to comfort nurse so much, which increases the spitting, which makes him want to nurse more ad infinitum. I don't think it's a growth spurt, just doesn't have that feel - the spitting doesn't usually increase that much and he keeps pulling off - turns his head and pulls my nipple with it - ouch.

Alex isn't rolling yet, but he's trying so hard to pull himself into a sitting position - if you hold his hands and pull him up a bit, he'll pull himself the rest of the way like he's doing a sit-up. It's also really cool watching him try to engage people. He'll coo to get you to pay attention then smile and *talk* to you. Michael flirted, but never to this extent. He's definitely a more hands-on baby than Michael - wants to be in arms or worn all the time where Michael needed more space and hated being worn unless we were out and about. Thankfully the run of sleep I had allowed my back to do some healing so I can wear him without pain so yay to pain-free baby wearing! While I do love the closeness that this inspires I am getting touched out a lot more often, kind of inevitable with my introversion - have to work on ways to get some of my own needs met which is really hard with two kids who really need a lot from me.

On a side note, I'm approaching a personal breastfeeding milestone - it was about this time that I stopped trying to EBF Michael and stared dropping sessions and just comfort nursing. I'm so happy that we are still going strong - definitely up there with one of the best and hardest things I've done.