Monday, April 14, 2008

Where's the crying emoticon when you need it?

I've been calling John every day at work for the past two weeks to ask him if my Magic Ball of Yarn swap package had arrived. I decided to use the library's address this time instead of my home address in an effort to avoid having to walk the mile and a half to pick up the package since the postal worker either doesn't knock or comes at the axact moment I have to run out. Of course this plan is dependant on having the correct address for John's work. It might not have been quite as bad if I included the name of his library, but of course I did not. Hopefully, the address doesn't even exist in the first place and my package is sitting at the post office and all it will require is that I walk the mile and a half to go pick it up.

I want this package so badly - please let this work out.