Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jenn and the no good, rotten, awful, "Please make it Stop!!" day

  • Hives (on me)

  • spit up which required two changes of clothes (mine) and got in my hair

  • found out the the person I spoke to when scheduling the baptism didn't know what she was talking about and confirmation is scheduled for that afternoon - this is the 27th

  • way too quick to yell and even scream at Michael

  • TOUCHED OUT! I thought I knew what this meant, but that was before I was breastfeeding exclusively. Michael dragging his fingers lightly on my arm or touching my hair is almost painful.

  • screaming baby - 3 times at home and twice in public

  • flipping hives

  • the can of formula that I bought to have for emergencies back-up and for when I can't pump enough; the can that I paid too much for as penance because it's *gulp* Nestle Good Start since I'm sure the constipation was due to the regular milk based formula he had the week before; the can that I found Michael playing with in the kitchen because it was left on the washing machine; the can that needs to be thrown out because Michael had his hands in it

  • the fact that I am beating myself up because my child has 4 oz of formula every-other week

  • problems with my package

  • found out there may be a very good reason why the Keen shoes I bought were on super discount and why the line was discontinued

The only reasons I don't have cigarettes right now are (1) I have no cash and (2) I'm too fucking tired to even think of putting on clothes to go get some.

I am going to have ice cream and junk food and then go to bed.