Monday, November 14, 2005

Music of my misspent youth (or 101 uses for OxiClean)

I was listening to one of my play lists on John's iPod tonight and it brought back so many memories of the things I used to do to that music - going to the shore at 2 in the morning because we had nothing better to do; driving past old boyfriends' houses and talking about how we were so much better off without them and not seeing the irony of what we were doing; coffee, cigarettes and my '81 Tempo, making sure I had the gallon of water and the antifreeze in the trunk so the car wouldn't overheat while I was driving through Alaire State Park in the middle of the night; the hole-in-the-wall gas station and their $.97 a gallon gas. I remember one particular mix tape where "Jane Says" was on one side and "I Kissed a Girl" was on the other and how we'd flip the tape and listen to the two songs over and over again. Hearing "Laid" always brings back memories of screaming obscenities about Christy Todd Whitman at the top of my lungs out the car window to no one in particular. Listening to "Peaches" and thinking how wonderfully silly it is and hoping my generation won't be judged by that song (if it is, I think we got off lucky).

All of these memories, as I steam-clean my carpet after midnight while John sits up with Michael who is battling yet another cold.

Where did the time go?