Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Burning the midnight oil

I just finished felting the clog I made for Michael for St. Nicholas Day and man is it ever cute. I'm also making him a pair of socks to go in it (he has been asking about them since I told him this particular yarn was for socks for him). The one I did up back in October was a bit too snug and the gauge was too tight for the yarn. I went up a needle size and it seems to be doing the trick. Rather than doing my normal short-row heel, I've decided on an afterthought heel - since this is a self striping yarn, I figure it will look nicer and it'll give me a bit more room to accommodate his high instep (wonder where he gets that from?). I'm about an inch into the cuff ribbing, but it's feeling a bit too tight for my taste so I'm probably going to frog back and re-do it on smaller needles. If I have any of the yarn left overs, I'm going to make him a korknisser to go in there as well.

Lots of pics coming soon - I'll probably do a whole update later this week with all the FO's.

Off to bed!