Monday, December 03, 2007

On the needles today...

Of course I've decided we are going to celebrate St. Nicholas Day a mere three days beforehand, and of course Michael will need his very own felted, curly-toed clog to hold his little treats in. Unfortunately, there really is no way I'll be able to get an actual pattern written in time for it to be of any use to anyone - it's based off of another pattern that I wrote a few years back and there is more that I want to do with it, so next year for sure. I'm hoping to get some stuff posted up on Knitty Keen in the next week - free patterns that I've been sitting on for a while and my BSJ striping template (which I'll cross-post over at Zimmermaniacs as well). The brain, as always, is afire with ideas but the body demands rest and the family demands attention so things will continue to progress slowly but surely. Since John is off on Thursday and I'm finally going to get my hair cut, I'm thinking of settling down with the laptop somewhere that morning and doing all of the pattern writing I've been promising for ages.

Ah well, a clog must be knit!

P.S. - I only have 1/3 a pattern repeat and 10 rounds of single rib to do and I'm DONE the green scaly socks - YAY!

The knitting is done on the clog - all that's left is the felting!