Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's scary...

Seeing it all written down, and this is just the knitting "to-do" list...

2 pairs of socks
Orange Malabrigo longies
Red curly-toed booties
Silk/Cashmere nursing pads

In progress
Orange/Teal EZ Feb Sweater (just needs buttons)
Spring EZ Feb Sweater (needs a sleeve, ends woven & buttons)
Koigue BSJ (needs cuffs, ends woven, collar & buttons)
Gnomey (needs ear flaps)

Still to do:
Longies in cascade 220 rusty brown (to go with EZ Feb sweaters)
Bunting in hand-dyed Peace Fleece
at least 3-4 pairs of socks
2-3 soakers (although I have enough covers to do me through the newborn period so this isn't vital)
another Gnomey hat in Malabrigo to match BSJ for coming home outfit
2-3 more pairs of nursing pads

Of course, I'm still finishing up my swap partner's knitting (I'll be washing and blocking tonight), I have at least 5 Christmas presents left to do and a whole bunch of korknisse that have to be done for Tuesday, I have the knitting half-done on a present for another mama's babe to be (which has been radically scaled back), and I have a pair of socks and felted slippers on the needles for myself not to mention the simple knitted bodice I started back in November.

Knitting is being put on hold for the next few hours though as I am going to attempt a trek into town with Michael. Wish me luck and let's pray my pubic bone can handle it because damnit, I'm tired of laying around with my feet up.