Thursday, December 13, 2007


Last night I was having some contractions. They'd be regular for 30 minutes or so and then taper off for a bit only to start back up after I had settled in a new position. Every time I woke in the night I'd have a couple before I was able to drift back off to sleep. When I woke at 6 to a hefty one and the Bean trying to do what felt like break-dancing in my uterus, it was time to call. John got up with me and I called the doc who of course said to head on in.

I made a few phone calls and then started collecting stuff. Superstitious person that I am, I knew that I had to have at least a half-dozen knitting projects with me and my Game Boy - if I'm prepared for an extended stay then it won't happen. I also knew I had to have a big breakfast and I had to stop at Starbucks for my normal iced Americano since they would likely keep me NPO at the hospital. Nothing quite like drinking an iced coffee while you are trying to breath through a contraction and the baby is going crazy inside.

All of my preparations worked. Things are still sealed up *very* tight and everyone commented on how well the Bean was doing (tons of movement). I only had a few contractions while I was there and they barely registered. My feeling is that this is primarily prodromal - my body is trying to nudge the Bean into a better position. I never felt any Braxton Hicks with Michael, but he was vertex almost the whole time while the Bean still likes to hang out butt-first. My gem of a husband took the rest of the day off so I can just relax and not worry about anything. I'm going to head off now to spend some time with them and get some nice down-time.