Saturday, December 22, 2007

Slogging through

Man this pregnancy has been tough. Aside from all the normal pregnancy tiredness and rampaging hormones, the SPD is really wearing me down. I was so happy to be getting chiropractic care this time 'round, and it would be working except for the fact that the Bean is still stubbornly breech. My chiro has been doing a lot of refreshing on the treatment of pregnant women so I'm hoping my next adjustment can get the Bean to turn, if not I'm going for the moxibustion - that's what credit cards are for right?

It's just so disheartening to not be able to walk, and I'm not talking about that having to stop every once and a while and stretch your back kind of thing, but a constant burning pain in your pubic bone every time you move your legs independently. I've found it's contributing so much to my general feelings of malaise - no amount of meds or supplements are going to be a substitute to a brisk walk on a cold day, and I'm missing out on a lot of my favorite weather right now. Of course once the Bean is on the outside the SPD will go away, but then I'll have to deal with the whole recovering from major abdominal surgery thing. I'm hoping the weather at least is cooperative and the chiro care I've been getting will prevent or severely lessen the nerve pain I had postpartum with Michael.

I'm still in a "fake it 'til you make it" mode with Christmas. We are supposed to get our tree tomorrow and I'm wondering if I'll be able to do the seven block walk up there or not since stopping at Starbucks on the way back won't be an option. I did start on my mom's present this morning - a felted, cabled wine bag. It was a lot of fun designing the cables for the bag (any excuse to play with graph paper). I think John is just going to see what his present is and if Michael's socks get made before Christmas they do, if not they'll get finished sometime this coming week. Lastly the sweater for my swap package is coming along nicely, I only have one more sleeve to finish and a few inches left on the body. I'll probably pick that up to work on it later this evening so I can block it on Sunday.

Off to resume knitting...