Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just some complaining

  • The Bean is still in his favorite position which means that it's *really* hard to walk.

  • Michael insisted on napping with me in our bed this afternoon. This normally would be a great thing since it so rarely happens. It's not that great when he keeps up a steady stream of chatter the entire ninety minutes you are laying there before you snap, "Downstairs. Now."

  • Christmas and swap knitting - these things do not go well with being 8 months pregnant

At least today is the last day of prednisone. We'll probably continue the albuterol for another day or two, but I'm hoping that once the prednisone is out of his system he'll be able to calm down and not be the already active kid hopped up on speed.

Last but not least - I love my hand-knit socks. They are truly the most comfortable things I own. I'm seriously considering dropping all of my other knitting projects and telling people, "Sorry, I was going to knit something for you but I chose to make myself a pair of socks instead. Merry Christmas!"

Finished the first ball of yarn for my swap project and thus am half-done. I am thinking of winding my skein of Colinette Jitterbug tonight and printing out Cookie A's Monkey sock pattern to take with me to the OB's in the morning because damn it I need to start another pair of socks for myself. I even have a free size 2.5mm addi available to cast-on with - fate is telling me something here. I only have the sleeves left to do on my swap project and the ear flaps again for the swap project, so nothing that can't be knocked out in the late afternoon/early evening tomorrow and then blocked and let to dry on Friday then in the mail for Saturday. Of course Friday is going to be spent knitting slippers - I have 2 and a half pairs to finish so I can felt them on Saturday and they can be dry for Christmas. Michael still needs mittens and socks and there are a few little projects I have to get done as well - like my mom, I have no idea what I'm doing for her, probably something felted too.

I'm getting babbly, it's 11pm and I told the husband I would only be going up stairs for a few minutes 40 minutes ago, so I must dash. 'Night all!


Isn't it too yummy for words?