Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Just a quick check-in

We had a very nice, quiet Christmas yesterday. Michael made out like a bandit (as you would expect the only grandchild on my side to do), but it was all the stuff we asked for and I couldn't be happier. He's been having a ball playing with his architectural blocks, the M&D pizza set and his M&D sandwich set. John seems to really like his gifts and I'm very happy with mine. Yarn, people - the husband bought me 3 skeins of sock yarn in very yummy colors (2 of them are the new Noro Kureyon Sock) and my mom bought me 2 40" addi turbo circular needles (2.5mm and 3.25mm) also perfect for making socks.

Michael was an absolute dream yesterday. After he opened his stocking presents we could hear him saying, "Thank you Santa. 'Bye Santa Claus." He thanked everyone who gave him a present yesterday at my parent's house (and this was with no prompting on our parts). He actually sat at the table and ate dinner with us - granted it was just some risotto, but it was a huge improvement from Thanksgiving.

We are just taking it easy today - I'm carrying a lot of fluid so I'm trying like heck to drink as much as humanly possible and stay off my feet. At my last OB appt my B/P was a bit higher than it's been so I got the pre-e/toxemia speech which led directly to the "getting the baby out early" speech. Personally, not that those conditions aren't something to be worried about, I am more inclined to attribute the rise in my diastolic (systolic was only slightly elevated) to the fact I was stressed and overheated. Tomorrow I have an appt with my OB's partner and I have to bring Michael with me without a stroller since I can't manage both on the bus at this point, so I'm definitely already at a disadvantage in terms of stress so anything I can do today to help matters would be great.

I've been sitting here for too long so it's back to elevated feet and fluids for me. I'll post some pics later.